Frequently Asked Questions

The basics

How do I record a mix or go live?

Tap the ‘GO LIVE’ button on the top of the main screen. When you’re finished, tap the button again to end, name, and save your mix.

How do I download packs?

Open the playlist by tapping on the red or blue square, then tap the PACKS tab. You can scroll up and down through the pack list and select the one you’d like to download. Once you find a pack you want to play, tap anywhere on the cell and the songs will be added to your playlist.

How can I find my friends?

From the discover, activity, or profile tab, press the + button in the upper left. There you can find your facebook friends by connecting facebook, or search for DJs!

Can I save my mix to my device?

Your mixes are saved to your profile page and can be streamed anytime in-app or on; however, you cannot download your mix file for offline listening.

How do I delete songs from my playlist?

First, enter the playlist view by tapping on one of the songs. Then tap the middle song from the playlist view, and you can delete that song. Yes, you can only delete one song at a time right now.


How do I control the tempo? The music keeps speeding up and slowing down!

The tempo (speed of the music) is determined by the two songs that are playing. Here’s how it works: If you switch in a song that is playing at 50% volume or more, the music’s tempo will change to the original tempo of the new song. If you switch in a song that is playing at less than 50% volume, the tempo will stay the same. So, if you want the beat the stay at the same speed, make sure the side you bring new songs in on is at lower volume than the other side (artwork square should be smaller).

The song I’m playing sounds pitched higher/lower than normal. Why is this? How can I reset the pitch?

Sometimes you will notice that a song is pitched up or down by as much as 2 semitones from its original key. This can occur because the app automatically employs pitch-shifting when you bring in a new song, based on the key the other song is playing in. The aim of this feature is to create the best sounding mix possible between the two songs, either by shifting the songs so that they play “in-key” with each other (e.g. both in A minor) or in a shared harmonic (e.g. one in A minor and the other in E minor). Some loops, such as drum stems or rap vocals, don’t have any particular key and won’t pitch-shift in the app.<br />In order to reset the pitch of a song, drag a pitch-free song (a drums-only song will work) to the other side of the main screen. Once you have the pitch-free song playing, the next song you bring in on the opposite side will play in its original key. One trick to try is flipping up and down (or in and out) the song that you want to reset. Stashing a drum loop nearby in your playlist can be handy for whenever you want to reset the key and/or minimize the pitch-shifting effect.

Crossfader Pro

What is Crossfader Pro?

Crossfader Pro offers the ultimate DJ experience: Record unlimited mixes and share them across our global remix community, receive all of our Pro FX and qualify for other exclusive add-ons and benefits.

How do I upgrade to Pro?

Upgrade to Pro by selecting one of the locked Pro FX, by trying to play a locked mix, or find “Upgrade to Crossfader Pro” by clicking the Settings wheel on your profile page.

How do I upgrade/cancel a Crossfader Pro subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by managing “My Subscriptions” in the App Store on iTunes.