SUPPORT Crossfader

Here at Crossfader we try to be as transparent with our community as possible. So it's time for us to discuss our business model—

Actually, we don't have one. Over the last three years we have spent about $5 million and thousands of engineering hours to make you Crossfader. It has been an expensive labor of love. Crossfader is a global melting pot of remixes—by the people and for the people. Even without building any new features, it costs us about $15,000 a month just to keep the the app running. This means hosting and basic infrastructure and one dedicated community leader. If everybody who used the app each month gave us a quarter, that would pay the bills. But most people won’t pay to use an app—even one as magically joyous as ours—so we would really appreciate your donating $10 or $20 or more if you love and need this service. That will let us keep this alive and humming for you.